Taxrale is an established company with a heritage of design and development in both defence, aerospace and oil industries.

The company was founded in 1969 primarily manufacturing its own designs including torque motors, force motors and solenoids. These have been used on both major European and US defence projects for over 30 years.

Recent developments include gunfire solenoids and frame scan systems incorporating our own torque motors and control electronics for thermal imaging systems.

Taxrale also offers a subcontract build to print service, initially in the aerospace industry but more recently in the oil industry where reliability demands are equally onerous. We are established suppliers on major programmes including Airbus, Tornado, Grippen, Hawk and Typhoon.

The company holds ISO9001 approval and offers complete traceability and compliance on all products.

Taxrale has the capability for original design and enhancement of existing product; our vast experience of materials and techniques makes us ideally suited to advise our customers on product development.