Taxrale designs and manufactures limited angle torque motors. These units may either be used as stand alone motors for basic operation or with position feedback to provide accurate positional control. Applications include missile systems and aerospace air systems and fuel control.

They are ideal for Optical Scanning / Thermal Imaging systems and are capable of tracking an external demand signal and with the appropriate drive and feedback can give excellent scan linearity and efficiency. Their inherent linearity makes them particularly suitable where data acquisition is required.

The units are small and compact, offering fast response times due to their exceptionally low hysteresis. Sensitivity, torque output and stiffness can be matched to suit the customer’s performance criteria.
All parameters are optimised in the early design stages ensuring full product reliability over the operating range.

Typically the units operate over +/- 7 degrees, this varies according to the customer’s application and torque requirements.

Whilst Taxrale has generic motor types each unit is specifically tailored to the customers application. The units are inherently reliable as the coil windings are completely encapsulated, the only replaceable items being the bearings.
Units can be routinely overhauled or repaired to keep the product operational for the life of the programme.